Wealth Management


Integrate your financial life

Wealth Management encompasses all areas
of financial life so that “The whole is greater
than the sum of all parts.” Get everything
organized under one umbrella

Retirement Planning


  • Having the confidence in your chosen time horizon
  • Determining the right spend down of portfolio number
  • Minimize taxes by choosing a Required Minimum Distribution strategy
  • Maximizing Social Security benefits
  • Analyzing cash flow needs during retirement and more.

Proper Tax Planning

How can you reduce the tax burden today and in future?

Proper Tax Planning

What are benefits of a ROTH conversion?

Proper Tax Planning

How to invest in tax advantageous way?

Cash Flow Management

Analyzing all current cash inflows & outflows for a complete picture

Cash Flow Management

How to plan for emergencies as life happens?

Cash Flow Management

Take future lifestyle changes into account.

Investment Planning


  • What are the risks I am taking, stress testing for what-if scenarios
  • Determine the best portfolio allocation to meet your goals
  • Cost efficiency while making the fund choice
  • Keep tax implications in mind: Turnover, Asset location
  • Systematic and timely rebalancing

Insurance Planning

We work with other professionals to get the answer:

  • Choosing the right product to fit your need
  • Comparing the cost and coverage of the products you own
  • Suggest filling in gaps where required
  • Evaluating some advanced planning opportunities
  • Monitor as and when situation change

Debt management

Should I pay off my mortgage during retirement or not?

Debt management

What shall I do - pay off my credit card first or invest in 401K

Debt management

How can I refinance my student loans?

Estate Planning

How do I pass on my legacy to my heirs

Estate Planning

Setting up donor advised funds for the charitable minded?

Estate Planning

Co-ordianting with attorneys to set up wills and trusts

Education Planning


  • Projecting the costs of college including all other expenses
  • Choosing the right investments and accounts for saving
  • Evaluating all choices available for funding- late-stage planning
  • Tracking progress

Wealth Management Process in Motion

Make a plan
based on your goals

Take actions to
implement the plan

Life happens…
review & update