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times they are changing

Each stage of life brings unique opportunities and challenges. Navigate with confidence.

For the road less traveled

We truly believe that ” Financial Planning is Life Planning”. Let us be your guide and coach as we implement the best practices to keep you moving forward when life happens.

For the road less traveled

Each stage of life brings unique opportunities and challenges, navigate it with confidence.

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Meet Joe and Jil Sandberg

Age: 63, a married couple who were nearing retirement and were not sure if they could retire in 2 years

For Joe and Jill we:

  • Developed a plan that considered their current and projected cash flow and taxes
  • Suggested a tax-efficient, low-cost diversified asset allocation and highlighted few tax savings strategies
  • Looked into Social Security Optimization and relocation as they wanted to move closer to kids
  • The result was Joe and Jill had a clear roadmap and felt confident to retire

Losing a Loved One

Stephanie was recently widowed. Her husband managed finances for the family. She was looking for a trusted advisor to manage her estate and plan for future generations.

We put together a plan that:

  • Helped her with the rolling over all the assets process and prepared an action plan to meet her goals
  • Explained how investments and other accounts work so that she felt in charge and in control
  • Got an estate planning attorney onboard to help Stephanie achieve her legacy planning goals

Young and Busy Professionals

Our clients Neha and Ramesh had recently started their family. One works with technology firm while the other is a gastroenterologist. Together they have stable household income, high medical student debt and planned to buy a home soon.

We helped them :

  • Make a plan to pay off student debt and save for down payment on the house
  • Maximize on the employee benefits
  • Looked into various options to refinance student loan
  • Started college savings account for their little one


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