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Hi, I’m Monica,

I have experienced firsthand the value of planning and investing correctly. My husband and I had started a business, and just a couple of months after launching, the financial crisis of 2008 happened. Things didn’t turn up as expected, and this affected all aspects of our life. It was a moment of truth, and I realized the importance of proper financial planning and investing wisely. I was determined to take control of our financial life and started on the course of educating myself, in the process earning both the  CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP) and CHARTERED FINANCIAL ANALYST (CFA) designations. Only a handful of all advisors nationwide hold both these marks. 

After working for several years with fee-only planners, I launched Purposeful Financial because I believe that everyone can benefit from good financial planning and clients should not be turned away because they do not fit a minimum assets requirement. Financial advice for me is a process of solving problems involving variable components with an aim to achieve our client’s goals. I work hard so that clients can experience financial freedom and wellness.

I live with my husband and teenage daughter in Irvine, California and currently serve on the board of Financial Planning Association (Orange County Chapter) and regularly volunteer at the Centre for Wealth Management (UCI) in the LifeVest.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Monica Khanna Singhania CFP® CFA


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