Rising interest rates, Market in correction mode and much more

Monica Singhania

Data: Bloomberg, Redwood, Trading Economics. All data reported as of 10/05/18 


  • All major indices were down this week, spooked by rising interest rates
  • There was a major sell-off underway led by the Technology sector
  • The earnings season kicks off this Friday with major banks reporting

Interest Rates

  • Interest rates have been steadily going up with the market pricing in a December hike, as well as forecasting 2-3 additional hikes in 2019

Economic Data

  • Septemeber saw strong unemployment numbers that were at 48 year low, signaling the FED could keep raising interest rates
  • However, the annual inflation numbers released today, The US inflation fell to 2.3% in September below market expectations of 2.4%. This is the lowest inflation rate since February and was on account of lower gas prices


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Monica Singhania

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